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» Freshlook Colors » Bausch and Lomb » Acuvue(Johnson &Johnson) » Care Tips
Acuvue Brand Contact Colour Lenses

(Johnson & Johnson) Colour Your Mood
Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson

Worldwide shipping.Ships within 3 days.

A Colourful New Way To Express Your Individuality. You're an individual. And now there's a color contact lens that's just like you. "ACUVUE 2 COLOURS" Brand Contact Lenses are from the world's most-prescribed brand of contact lenses. Featuring deep, rich shades, this lens provides the perfect addition to your natural features for a unique look that's yours alone. Choose from a range of four expressive and natural choices. They're extremely comfortable, simple to use, and offer great vision. Best of all, they're from ACUVUE, a brand you know and trust. So pick the time. Parties. Weekends. or every day. No matter what the occasion, try ACUVUE 2 COLOURS. One more way to show what's unique about you.

Pick the ACUVUE 2 Colours Contact Lenses of your choice(Each Box contains one pair of lens).

Acuvue 2 Colours Contact Lenses ( 15 Days Replacement)

Each Box contains one pair

Worldwide : $ 29.95 Box

Worldwide : $ 29.95 Box

Worldwide : $ 29.95 Box

Worldwide : $ 29.95 Box

Lifespan of Contact Lenses

• After lenses have been used for a while, the material starts to wear out or retain traces of debris even after proper cleaning. Although you won't be able to see the damage, it can lead to your lenses becoming uncomfortable or infected.

• It's best to replace your lenses regularly. For example, non-disposable contact lenses should be replaced once a year.

• For more convenience, you can choose daily disposable contacts, so you'll enjoy clean, fresh lenses every day.

How to Handle Contact Lenses Safely

• First, wash your hands so you don't transfer dirt and germs to your eye: rub your hands, palms, fingers and nails with soap for about 20 seconds, then rinse thoroughly with water.

• Dry your hands using a clean, lint-free towel.

• Handle your contact lenses immediately after washing your hands. Don't touch other objects as they may contaminate your hands, and you'll have to wash them all over again!.

• Enjoy freedom and flexibility with easy handling and wear.If you're after contact lenses that are fresh, comfortable and easy to take care of, ACUVUE 2 are a great choice. ACUVUE 2 disposable contact lenses provide excellent vision correction and comfort. With new Contour Intelligent Design&trade, you can be assured of a comfortable lens that helps you get through the day.

Keys Benefits and Features

• ACUVUE 2 has High-Tech Contour Intelligent Design&trade, making the lenses so comfortable that you can wear them for longer periods of time.

• The lenses hold shape easily on your fingertip, making them easy to insert and remove.

• 7 out of 10 who wear ACUVUE 2 have better than 20/20 vision**- and you probably thought that 20/20 is as good as it gets!.

Cleaning your Contact Lenses

• Cleaning your contacts is actually very easy and fast. It just takes a little practise!

• Some products require you to rub your contacts, while others need you to just rinse them thoroughly.

• If you need to rub your contacts, start by removing one from your eye and placing it in the centre of your palm. Place a few drops of cleaning solution on the lens, and then gently rub each side for about 15 seconds with the middle finger of your other hand. Take care not to scratch the lens with your nails.

• Give your lens a good rinse with the solution. Please follow the instructions on the package. 

• After rinsing, put your lens into your clean case and fill the well with solution, submerging the lens completely. Repeat with the other lens.

• Remember that most brands of solution must be thrown away one month after being opened. 

• And lastly, you should clean and disinfect your lens case every week, and replace it every month.


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» Freshlook Colors » Bausch and Lomb » Acuvue(Johnson &Johnson) » Care Tips
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